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In preparation for my debut album, Money Mondays, I invite you to read the pages of my self narrated diary, Money Diaries.

Chapter 4, WOMAN, a chapter to empower women to love one another, and work together. Take up my challenge at the end of the video. And leave me a comment at the end of this post…

“…. do you know your own strength? You do know that your contribution to mankind is second to none…”

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  • Mpeligwakisa Lebbi

    nice one Vmoney it’s a great inspiration speech i hope this could reach a million of people especially girls they need this to abide with the fact that they and only they are the change of the world. i believe in girls power to make the world a better place, the only thing that makes them fail ni tamaa ambazo baada ya muda anajikuta anashindwa aanzie wapi na ndio maana wengi utawakuta wanafanana tabia na wengi walisha kata tamaa kutokana na kushindwa mara kadhaa. Na we ngi hufikia kipindi wanasahau kuwa they are the queen of every mans empire now the world has 75% dependence to the strength of woman to stand and make a change. The world is ready to protect you if you only have to give all your strength to it survival. am not much of a speaker i could speak more of what many girls and women are doing wrong. but most of them you have narrated on the video. It’s so nice to know that there are still some of you who can make others of your kind to stand and contribute to the world change. It is in men’s power to enforce the strategies of the change.. It takes more than 1000 men combined to do what one Woman has done in a whole year.

    make this a VMONEY movement of change to all women and girls. Enforce the energy to them and make sure in every 10 girls one has stand up and is helping others to do so (stand)

    Show the World your magic and what you are made of…………………


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